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Free online Advertising space for any Northampton shop or business, run locally from Northampton.

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During September and October  2012 we shall be updating the website with lots
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There will also be lots more pictures added over time, so Google Images search
will find us even more often.


An Integrated Northamptonshire Online Advertising system,
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A little more about us.......

We have 2 websites, and a Facebook page serving Northamptonshire:

1. www.EveryShopInNorthampton.co.uk

2.  www.VisitOurShops.co.uk
3. In addition, there is also the  Facebook Page.    

1. www.EveryShopInNorthampton.co.uk             
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is the only locally run, FREE website to serve Northamptons (and Northamptonshires) local shops and businesses.
It has been running for over 5 years, and turns up readily in searches for Northampton shops and businesses..

Email us your details and we will add them to the site.

If you can,  email a picture too. Perhaps one of your shop, or stall, or a product you sell, or of a service you provide.
A picture will make your entry stand out.

2.  www.VisitOurShops.co.uk                                 .........and also enter your business on this.........

This is a FREE self entry site. You enter your content yourselves.
Because you can have your own Homepage, and up to 8 pages of advertising, this site gives your
businesses alot of web presence, making it much more likely to be found.
We will also make a link from your Homepage on VoS to your own website (if you have one) for you.

Each Advertiser has a Homepage and up to 8 pages of adverts.
Your Homepage has thumbnails at the bottom which link to each individual advert of yours.
In addition you enter each of your adverts under a heading on the menu bar so that they also appear there.
Click around on the site and see how it works, and what others have done.

Go to www.VisitOurShops.co.uk  and click on "Join here for free"
Then upload your homepage and up to 8 pages of free advertising,.
The more internet presence you have, the easier your will be found.
If you need any assistance uploading, do not hesitate to email us and we will help you.
If you need another Menu item added to suit your own business, just ask, and we will add it for you.

3. EveryShopInNorthampton.co.uk  Facebook Page.
  ....and if you're on Facebook, then post on this too....

A great, easy way to get your information on to this website. Post on our Facebook Page and we will
publish your posting on www.EveryShopInNorthampton.co.uk

For example:
This is really good for Used goods and Antiques, Bric a brac, Crafts etc.

Post your shop details, sales items, offers, news, personal items for sale, clubs news etc

If we find the response is good we will add relevant pages to host the postings.




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